Yay, it's Friday!

I haven't been this excited about Friday since elementary school.

Hunter and I just got back from Alan and Sharon's TGIF party. I enjoy these. The party usually starts at 5:30 and goes until whenever. Alan and Sharon put on a great spread. People bring food and wine and just unwind after what Alaska calls a stressful week. The topic of the evening...can you guess? Yup, the guy who's going to jail and the prospects for fishing this weekend.

I met "Park Ranger Bill" for the first time tonight. He told us that there is a snowbank on the boat launch at Aleknegic Lake. A snowbank that he's apparently not planning to move this weekend. That doesn't seem to be stopping the boaters at the party (who were figuring ways to get their boats in the water by going around said snowbank).

I went to the post office again today. There was nobody there this time so it was a quick trip. Driving out, I caught a radio segment about how snowmobiling is not a good idea right now given there's no snow. Someone from Togiak got stuck on the tundra last night (trying to drive his "snow go" in the mud). He was picked up by search and rescue this morning. Funny that they'd have to tell people here that snowmobiles are for snow.