My Mangy Mutt

Miton's got mange. Our puppy is infested with microscopic mites that are munching away at the hair around his eyes. Yick.

If I were living in the city, Milton would be taken to the vet once a week for a dip in some noxious chemical that would rid him of his affliction. Since this is bush Alaska, we're advised to "just leave it."

His left eye is getting balder by the hour. We've been calling him Ole Bald Eye behind his little back. His friends don't seem to notice and it's not supposed to be contagious but pretty soon I fear there's going to be some paw pointing and sniggering.

It's Cold Outside!
Temperatures dipped last night to -20C. The lake by our house is starting to freeze up. This morning, Bill had to take an ax to the ice around one of the boats to free it, then get a space heater going inside to melt the ice before going duck hunting with his friend, Lance.

On the plus side, the sunrise (at around 10:30 each morning) is highlighted by an ethereal mist rising off the lake. On the minus side, we can't forget to plug the truck in at night, lest we be hours late for work.

Happy American Thanksgiving!
We're flying to Fairbanks on Wednesday to celebrate American Thanksgiving with our friends, Alan and Sharon. I'm looking forward to seeing them and all that Fairbanks has to offer.

Our trip will end with a day and a half of power-shopping in Anchorage. Hunter and I have our tactical plan all laid out and have divided our list into what we will mail home and what will come with us on the plane. We have 200lbs of weight allotment to bring home and we intend to use every ounce of it. We've negotiated which restaurants to visit and which ones to pass by and worked in time for hair cuts and movies. Funny how I used to take the simple act of having lunch at a lovely little restaurant with a friend for granted.