Put Him in a Barrell

It was Hunter's Birthday on November 10th. We had a party at the house to celebrate the occasion. Unfortunately for little Milton, he was fixed that day and was feeling a little under the weather.

The men at the party were feeling badly for our boy and naturally conversation turned to dogs and how to keep them alive and thriving in a town with once-quarterly vet service.

Hunter asked the group, how one stops a dog from chasing moose and getting kicked, stomped on or becoming an antler ornament. We disussed training your dog to always obey the "come" command and the use of whistles and hand signals and shock collars.

Our friend, Hoot, told us what the West Virginians do and suggested that maybe we employ the same tactics since they're guaranteed to be effective.

Essentially, to prevent your dog from chasing a moose you get yourself a barrel and find yourself a big hill. Then, you stuff your dog into the barrel with something that smells like a moose. It could be a squirt of artificial moose scent, a bit of moose hair or hide or a moose steak. The moosier the better.

Next, you seal the barrel and roll it down a hill. When the barrel reaches the bottom of the hill and the dog gets out, he's dizzy and nauseated. Thereafter, the dog associates the smell of moose with extreme nausea and will cut a wide swath around any moose it encounters. Extreme but apprently effective.

We'll keep working on the come command.