Winter Finally Sets In

Winter has finally arrived! After weeks of snow showers followed by rain showers, followed by snow showers, followed by rain showers, the mercury's taken a dive, plunging us into sub-zero temperatures.

Over the past few weeks, the potholes, nooks and crannies were filled with water and frozen. We're left with a gorgeous flat bed of snow that's perfect for walking, skiing and snowshoeing.

It rained for most of last weekend, but the weekend before was glorious. My friends, Michelle and Ann, and I went walking along the beach at Nushagak. It was cold enough at one point this season to create a bed of sea ice then warm enough to partially melt it, break it into massive chunks and crash it into the beach.

We had a great walk over the ice field and up the hill to the ruins of ancient Yup'ik homes (qasgiq). We stumbled upon a beaver lodge and couldn't resist a closer look. So we slogged through the tall grass and muck with the dogs, Milton and Dubie. What they would have done had we encountered a beaver is any one's guess.

I had no idea that beaver lodges were so big. This particular one had multiple entrances and what we guessed was a granny suite built onto the side. I'm sure the resident beavers were none too pleased with us for invading their front yard with two muddy dogs in tow.

A Very Dilly Christmas
The one good thing about being in Dillingham is that there is no last-minute rush to hit the malls to shop for Christmas. Since pretty much anything of value is shipped in from the lower 48, most of us finished our online Christmas shopping weeks go.

Now, we sit back and enjoy the season. I volunteered to lead a Girl Scout troop and we're meeting next week to go caroling. The Middle School's Christmas show is this Sunday. Parties and dinners are well underway.
The social scene at the post office has never been better. The ladies have pulled out their collection of dancing/singing Santas. It's great fun when the toddlers come in, sheepishly press a button to get these Santas singing and start dancing to the music.

On Monday, a particularly spirited guy tried to lead the postal line up in a sing-along with one of these dancing Santas. He tried his best, encouraging the town's karaoke stars, the kids and their parents. Unfortunately, a delivery of parcels interrupted his attempt. Too bad, it would have been fun. I must have been the only person on earth wishing the postal employees would slow down for a minute or two.