Sexy Shoes

It's cold outside. Minus 30C to be exact. Today's plan is to set up our ice fishing rods, ride out on the lake on the "snow-go", drill a hole in the ice and try to persuade a fish to come out of it.
Silly fish.

For my Vancouver friends, who are no doubt enjoying a lovely day dressed in sweaters and Hush Puppies, allow me to give you an idea of how we plan to dress for our little fishing adventure.

First, we dress the dog. Bribing him with stinky Yummy Chummy salmon treats, we'll fold him into a polar fleece turtleneck sweater and attempt to get shoes on him to prevent ice from forming in his paw pads. We have challenges keeping his shoes on and are considering tape, but that will freeze and thus render itself useless. So, we're going to dress him early and see if he can adjust to the shoes inside for a while. Last time we took him out with his shoes on, we spend an hour sifting through a snow drift in the dark to find one that fell off.

Next, we dress ourselves. We start with the polar weight silk long underwear, layer on wool pants and shirts, don the silk under-socks and battery-powered heater socks then move onto outdoor gear. Our outdoor gear consists of balaclavas, hats, jackets, snow pants, scarves, gloves (with hot shots) and most important, boots.
Alaskans wear 'bunny boots'. These things are made by Bata shoes for the US Army and made of thick rubber and felt. I bought mine on E-Bay for $10. They are very warm but definitely not hot.