Let go already!

They say April showers bring May flowers but what about April blizzards? What do they bring?
The mercury is reading seven degrees Fahrenheit. Seven. Fahrenheit. I know this is Alaska and it's supposed to be cold, I got that memo. Let me tell you, I'm so ready to ditch the layered clothes and the snow shoes.

Our driveway can pass for a skating rink. Lucky for me, it's got some big snow banks on either side. I just skid down the road and hope to stop before the truck plunges into the lake. Lucky the water level at the lake is very low so we'll be able to get the truck out if it does decide to take a plunge. Not so lucky that means we're out of water again.

I'm debating the merits of running a long hose from the lake into the water well. It's close enough and I bet it can be done. I'll go pose the question to Ranger Bill since Hunter is off in the thriving metropolis of Levelok until Friday and he's got enough problems to deal with.

We've got two camera-shy moose living on the property. Every time I bring my camera to shoot a picture for you the moose are nowhere to be found. When I forget it at home they prance in front of me, flaunting their mooseness.

My neighbour says that one of them will have a baby on May15th. I didn't ask how she arrived at that exact date. Maybe she caught our moose in the act? Anyway, that means that little Milton will have to be leashed. Moose attacks are common in these parts and dogs often fall victim. Apparently moose have their calves near humans so that wolves are less likely to prey on them.

My awesome neighbour, Carolyn, has just taken possession of 25 little chicks. She's got the set up for chickens next door and the plan is for us to raise them for eggs. It's too cold to put the chicks outside so they're being housed at her house until it warms up. I'm excited to get those going.

Now that it's on my mind, I notice that quite a few Alaskans are into raising chickens. The woman who lives across from the school apparently has some but I can't figure out where she keeps them. I think they're indoor chickens. I've never seen house chickens before. I wonder if they're allowed on the couch?