The Kings are in!!

The Kings are in! The Kings are in! The mighty Chinook Salmon have arrived on their annual spawning run up the Nushagak River.

Hunter, our friend, Tom, and I went camping up "the Nush" this weekend. It was awesome! We set up the big wall tent on some prime, fish-gettin' waterfront. Fished to our little hearts' content and made it home before dinner.

Because we've had such a cold winter, the water temperature's still on the cold side so not many salmon have arrived yet. Apparently, they're waiting out at sea for warmer waters before they swim upstream. We only caught one fish this entire weekend but we had a blast.

One Dog's Treasure is another Bear's Trash
My old dog, Gryphon, used to gross me out with stuff he'd pick up from the sidewalk. Every day he'd manage to snarf something when I wasn't looking. I thought that in the sidewalk-trolling department, my Gryphon couldn't be beat.

Until Milton. Dillingham has no sidewalks so this guy can't exactly scavenge them for tasty morsels. Instead, he's become very good at bush trolling.

I speak from experience when I say that pulling a dead moose calf's leg from a dog's clenched jaws is galactic-ly grosser than someone's half-eaten pizza. Aren't you glad you know that?