Porcupine 1 Milton 0

Our Dillingham friends said it was a matter of time before Milton met his first porcupine. They were right.

Hunter, our friend, Lance, and I were on a fishing trip on the Agulapak river. We'd stopped the boat to let the dogs take a rest and were ready to push off the shore. We called Milton. He was nowhere in sight. We called again, and he didn't come. A couple minutes later, Milton emerged from the bush with a white snout, licking his nose with a vengeance. It wasn't until he finally jumped aboard that we figured out what was occupying him so.

Oh yes, Milton found a baby porcupine and couldn't resist getting himself a closer look.

The result was nasty. He had about 30 quills stuck in his muzzle. A couple of the larger quills were stuck in his left nostril. I can't imagine how badly that must have hurt. We brought him back to our campsite and two of us held him down while the quills were removed with a needle holder. I hope he learned his lesson. I bet he didn't.