The Big Fish

Hunter and I went back up to our salmon camp on the Nushagak River this weekend. Armed with an arsenal of Kwik Fish lures and a great bottle of wine, I set out to catch a big one.

It took some time and a change of tackle to salmon eggs and some kind of spinning lure before I landed a 40lb King.

For me, fishing is like golf -a ho-hum thing until I land something huge and that one great moment keeps me coming back again.

We brought the fish back to our camp, filleted him up and served him blackened over grits. He went no more than a half-hour from landing in my boat to landing on my plate. Can't beat that!

A Small Town Vet

Every couple of months or so, Dr. Hagee the vet makes a weekend appearance in Dillingham. I first made his acquaintance when I brought baby Milton in to be neutered. Milton sailed through his little procedure and didn't appear to notice what happened to him. I think it hurt us more than it hurt him.

Milton is in his glory at our salmon camp. He leaps through bushes, digs holes, sniffs mouse holes, searches for treasure and barks at moose. It's his little paradise. Sadly it doesn't agree with him and Milton comes home with swollen eyes, sores all over his body and big swollen nobs on his nose.

I called Dr. Hagee's office to make an appointment for this weekend. The vet himself answered the phone, diagnosed Milton right away, gave me advise on how to fix him, how to prevent it from happening again and thanked me for calling. I was blown away. It cost me $100 in the city just to walk my dog through the door of the vet's office and here I get a fix with one free phone call. Cool.