The Bear out There

Remember the bears that got in the truck? One of them broke into the house last night. Seriously.

It ripped open the screen in the living room window and crawled right on in. My fearless attack dog slept through the whole episode.

At first Hunter thought Milton was the cause of the commotion. He jumped out of bed and came out of the bedroom only to find Milton fast asleep on his dog bed. Not good but that probably saved Milton's life. The bear must have heard Hunter because he quickly jumped back out through the window.

I was lying in bed at the time and while Hunter was standing in the living room loading his shotgun with rubber bullets, the bear tried to get into the bedroom window. He ripped the screen and tried to climb in. I flipped on the light and yelled and he ran away.

The bear came back later and climbed back into the truck. He took off some of the stripping from the back window of the canopy and munched on it a bit.

I think we've got ourselves a problem here. We're going to shoot the bear with a rubber bullet to try to scare it off. If that doesn't work, we've been advised to shoot him with a real one.

Be one with the one with the gun...