A Date with Jody

Last night over a shared plate of nachos, strangely good cherries for these parts and icy Jamaican beer, my new friend, Jody, and I made a lunch date. This isn't just any lunch date...we're going to occupy The Bench.

The first time I came to Dillingham to visit Hunter, I stopped by N&N Grocery Store to pick up an extortionately-priced Diet Pepsi. On my way in, I noticed a group of people sitting on a bench in the entrance. They didn't look like they were going anywhere or waiting for anyone. They were just sitting. I mentioned this to Hunter and he confirmed that, yes, sitting on The Bench at N&N is considered a pastime in Dillingham.

Every time I go to N&N there are folks on the bench. I've never seen it empty. So, with a potential move to Homer on our horizon, I thought I should try out this bench-sitting and see what the appeal is.

So next week, Jody and I are going to meet for a bench sit over a greasy N&N lunch. I have no idea what to expect. Do we have to make reservations? Should we brush up on local gossip first? Should we acquire a piece of gossip to contribute? Do we talk politics? News? Is there etiquette I need to understand?

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