Homer Bound!

I left Dillingham on Thursday, after a tough goodbye to to my friends. I will miss them so much.

My friend Cathy once said that she would like to round up all of her favourite people and move them to West Virginia with her. Today, I see her point. As one of my favourite people, I wish that she will move herself and her awesome family to Homer with Hunter and me. I know how much she loves her work in Dilingham and how much joy she gets out of her surroundings and I feel selfish for wishing her to move to Homer, but I do. Michelle, too. I have lots of other favourite people in Dillingham...maybe there can be some kind of great I migration?

I drove down the highway on Thursday, thoroughly enjoying the fall colours, singing along to Willy's On the Road Again and loving being on a road bound for somewhere other than Aleknagik. Once in Homer, I checked into the Driftwood Inn...a hotel experience not to be repeated, I assure you.

After a couple of days of looking for a place to live, I found a primo spot up on Skyline Road. It's a gorgeous house with all of the amenities we're looking for with some lovely neighbours to boot. On Sunday, I motored back up to Anchorage, found myself a hotel and went shopping. Dumb idea on my part.

Alaskans just received their dividend checks. Shopping Anchorage was just like one Giant Boxing Day Sale with all of the crowds and none of the discounts. I've got to get myself signed up for this free money business.