Oh Happy Day!!

It's here! My sweet bed is finally here!!

I woke up this morning feeling that if my bed wasn't going to arrive today, I was going to check into a hotel for just one night of good sleep and one morning without being ejected from my slumber by my "friend" Milton.

I waited until after noon and gave up. I decided to do my chores, come home and book myself a great sleep. I went to the library, to the dump, to the movie rental place and took a swing by Starbucks (because I could) and came home.

And there it was. The flash of the message waiting light on my phone. I had three messages it said. One of those sweet messages was from Rick the Linden Transport driver. He was in my neighbourhood. He had my mattress. Sweet!

Just then Hunter called and I shared with him the great news. I hung up on him before he could say something like, "don't go moving that heavy mattress on your own" or "don't hurt yourself doing something you shouldn't" or "Let's assemble it together." Nope, I poor guy, I cut him off. Wished him a pleasant afternoon and hung up.

Ten minutes later, Rick showed up in his truck. Yay! He and I pushed and hauled and managed to get the bohemouth of a mattress off the truck and into the garage. I had no idea that Linden didn't allow its drivers into people's houses. Rick must have seen my face fall when he told me that 'cause he agreed to help me lift it into the entance. He never did step into my house but he helped me get the mattress up a couple of stairs. Yay Rick! That's all I needed.

One hour of tugging and pushing later, I had my bed together. All of a sudden, life looked brighter.

It's only 5:11. I can't WAIT until bedtime. The sheets Mum sent (thank you Mum!), are in the dryer and as soon as they're ready, I'm going to make my bed. I can't wait to make my bed. I can't wait to sleep in my bed. Ooo, I'm excited about bedtime.

In other news, Milton got his LL Bean bed back. He celebrated by rubbing himself all over it and taking a nice long nap.