Our Homer Home

Two weeks ago Hunter and I arrived in Homer. We spent a few days shopping up a storm in Anchorage and drove down in time for Hunter's first day of work.

Homer is 225 miles south of Anchorage on the Sterling Highway at the "End of the Road." Note that it's on the highway, at the end of the road.

There is so much to see and do here from wandering beaches with Milton to dining at lovely restaurants, to drinking margaritas at the Salty Dawg to hitting the gym to visiting galleries and shops and oh yes, my favourite, shopping at a real grocery store that has a selection of nice, fresh food!

The best part of all this? The high speed Internet. Gone are the days of dial-up. I admit to spending a lot of time online catching up on all that I've missed. Today, I spent my morning watching past episodes of the Mercer Report and checking out the trailers for True Blood on HBO.

We're almost moved into our new place. We have one more run up the road to Anchorage to pick up the last of Hunter's stuff from Dillingham. Then the task of furnishing our house begins in earnest.

We're sleeping on an air mattress on the floor while we wait for our custom-made mattress to arrive from Seattle. That's our only piece of furniture at the moment. Sleeping on the wee air mattress didn't seem like such a hardship until Milton started treating our bed like his own. In his enthusiasm to wake me up the other morning, presumably to take my place, he punctured a tiny hole in the mattress. Finding said hole is my project for the afternoon. Thanks, Milton.

I'd get Hunter to fix the mattress but he found the video store in town and got hooked on the series 24. Okay, getting him hooked was my fault. I wanted him out of my hair while I frolicked on the Internet. I just didn't think he'd get so into it. Now that we have a video store, 24 has become nightly viewing.

Oh, and then I have to go get the mail. I love getting the mail. Here's the view from my mail box:
Nice, isn't it?

So this weekend, we're planning to head into Anchorage. On Friday, we're going to Seldovia as part of Hunter's work orientation. I was invited along and couldn't pass up the opportunity to fly over for the day. It sounds like fun.

Our list of things to do is huge. Over the next couple of months we plan to visit the Russian Old Believer Villages, cross-country ski on the huge trail network, find out what Seward has to offer, furnish the house, buy a boat and hike up to the glacier across the bay, spend some time fishing for winter Kings and of course go snag us a halibut or two.

It was Hunter's b-day the other day. As part of his present, I bought him a crazy carpet. These are cheap little plastic sleds we used to love as kids. Hunter's never seen one and doesn't know what to expect..I'm can't wait to take him out! Okay, I would love to crazy carpet down that glacier across the bay.