Christmas in Homer

Christmas in Homer was pretty cool. On Christmas Eve, Hunter and I drove up the road to Soldotna and bought another pair of cross-country skis so that we could both hit the trails.

We headed down to the reservoir and skied on the lake while the sun set over the was gorgeous. Then for fun, we stashed our skis and took our sleds out and rode down the side of that reservoir until we could no longer see.
On Christmas morning, we talked to family and friends, opened presents and started cooking our first real turkey dinner together.

Our friends, Shannon and Nick, came for dinner from Anchorage. It was so great to see them.
We did a 5K ski on Boxing Day. It was so beautiful outside. Milton had a great time, jumping into snowbanks and chasing us down hills.

The picture above is of Bill and I in our Christmas hats. Living in Alaska is license to wear outrageous winter hats (toques for we Canadians).

This Christmas, my cousin Nikki (who has an awesome eye for all things cool) bought me the Pook Toque - the most stylish winter toque around. This thing rocks. It actually comes with design instructions. I've been walking around Homer in either the wave or the George Washington. If I talk nicely to Hunter, he'll make me a nostril flare or a Cindy-Lu Who. Can't wait to master the Shrek.

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