One problem/opportunity of being in a new town is that I don't yet know where to take the dog for a walk. I can find two parks and quite frankly, I'm tired of them. So until I figure out where to walk him, Milton has been settling for lame walks around the neighbourhood.

Of course, being a Dillingham dog, he's quite used to spending time outside on his own. And of course, being an Alaska dog, he's smart. Dumb Alaska dogs get forcibly ejected from the gene pool by bears, wolves, moose and other such predators. Smart Alaska dogs go hunting, race sleds and ride snow machines with their owners. Smart dogs in the 'burbs start posing some problems.

Last week it was the call from a neighbour. Milton found a friend. A friend in heat. I thought that when puppies were fixed, they lost interest. Apparently not.

This week, he's been playing a game of "fetch stuff from the neighbours'". I have a collection on the deck that includes an empty tin of olives, a very nice dog toy, a former mitten, a few sticks and something rubber that I can't identify.

It's time for Hunter to put the studded tires on so that Milton and I can go exploring some back roads. It's either that or we become the neighbours that nobody likes.