It's cold out. Minus 20C to be exact. Hunter and I woke up on New Year's Day, hopped into the truck and beat tracks to Anchorage for a couple of days of dining, shopping and movie-going. The drive in was gorgeous--hoarfrost clinging to trees and many feet of snow made the views surreal.

We got to Anchorage and went to our favourite restaurant, the Moose's Tooth Pub. Good thing our hotel was across the road, because the beer was delicious, cold and flowing. Over the course of two days, we hit all the fishing stores, stopped at the weirdest gun store I've ever seen, caught a movie, hit a mall, and did a mad-dash to Costco. It was just like living in Dillingham without the constant analyzing of the weight of our purchases.

We found a new second-favourite restaurant in Anchorage, Humpy's. We went for dinner on Saturday night and on top of one massive margarita (yum), had perfectly-done Halibut encrusted with horseradish and served with a yummy tartare-like sauce. It was great.

Sunday at breakfast found us at the Snow City Cafe, sipping steamy lattes and sharing a fluffy omelette and an order of orange cream cheese stuffed french toast. We bumped into Nick, who was in Homer for Christmas. It was great to see him and we hope that he'll be down this summer for a visit.
We drove home Sunday evening and spent today making it up to Milton for sticking him in the car and driving him around for a couple of days. Which brings me to...the flat tire.
Ever notice when you take your dog out on a cold day, they sometimes hold up a paw and hop on the other three? Apparently, in Alaska, that's called a flat tire.

We took Milton out skiing this afternoon. We decided to try the Evelene trail. That wasn't the best idea we've had. It wasn't as good a trail as we tried the weekend before. While we stuggled to stay upright on our skis, Milton was having a blast, running full-out across the tundra.

We abandoned our ski early, citing trail suckage and went home. Later, Hunter took Milton out to play with the new dummy launcher. Apparently, Milton got a flat, because when he came back, he was wearing his dog shoes. He hates his shoes.

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