Rumbling Redoubt

The volcano across the inlet is contemplating an eruption. Experts figure it'll happen "perhaps within hours or days."

These experts predict that it might (and they stress the word might) blow a cloud of ash our way. I'm not sure what one does to prepare for a potential ash cloud. I should look that up.

On Saturday morning, Homer experienced a magnitude 5.7 earthquake. Hunter says he's never felt one like that. I've never heard one like that - the sound of the earth moving was positively eerie.

I expected more out of Milton before and during that earthquake. They say dogs can predict them and start acting differently before one is about to occur. I really wanted to experience this phenomenon and regularly note when Milton's behaving differently.

All Milton did before this earthquake was lick his behind. If that's a predictor of doom to come, we're in trouble because he hasn't stopped licking it. We're going to the vet today. There had better be something wrong with him.