Redoubt Watch Continues

One year ago today, Hunter and I got re-married at A Elvis Wedding Chapel in Vegas. To celebrate our one year and nine month wedding anniversary, we took ourselves for a gorgeous walk on the beach at Anchor Point (that's turning into a favourite place).

This beach offers a completely unobstructed view of Mt. Redoubt volcano, which as I'm sure you know, may possibly potentially likely erupt any day, minute, hour or second from now.

For those who are curious, here's what it looked like at noon today. The darkish clouds you're seeing at the left of the photo are just that, cloud. They're from a front moving in and didn't originate from the volcano itself.

Time will tell what the mountain will do. There were about a half dozen cars full of people parked facing the volcano, forgoing the Super Bowl hoping to catch a different kind of action.

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