A Hoover Engineer's Dream

Last weekend, Hunter and I went up to the Great Alaskan Outdoor Show in Anchorage. If there's one thing that Alaska does right, it's the outdoors. This was the biggest outdoor trade show I've ever seen and there were some cool things to see and do.

While we were traipsing around Sullivan Arena, Homer was getting another ash fall. This one was more significant than the first one we had. Hunter and I passed the smoking volcano on our drive home from Anchorage and as soon as we hit Nikiski, had to slow down, turn the truck's ventilation off and creep our way back into Homer. The landscape looked post-apocalyptic.

The house was covered in grey ash and despite our best efforts, it got everywhere - in the house, in the bed, on the couch all over the entrance tiles. We've been pretty diligent about vacuuming and cleaning - washing and vacuuming floors every day.

Now, we have another ingredient to add to the soup...dog fur. Oh yes, it's time for Milton to blow a coat. I've learned that there's your regular garden variety dog shedding and then there's Alaska dog shedding. It's like Milton's shedding a whole dog's worth of fur every day. That $70 Furminator we own? Worth every penny.

All this volcanic ash and dog hair must be a Hoover engineer's dream. It kind of grosses me out to empty my vacuum's canister every day. At well, ash is supposed to be good for berries and fur makes for a lovely bird nest - I can find a silver lining to this. Yes, I can!

We're planning to run up to Soldotna today to see what there is to see. Tonight's fun is a movie down here at the Homer theater. There are big signs posted outside the theater advising everyone that if they're going to come see a movie, that have to take their shoes off. Good fun!