Weee're back!

I can't believe it's been almost a year since I posted on my blog. I'm learning that little babies have a sense that can tell when you really want to do something. Once that little sense tingles, they start to cry or do something that requires your immediate attention - like put a dog's paw in their mouth. Really, that happened the other day. I'm surprised and impressed by Milton and how he handled it.

Right now, baby Jean is fast asleep with a belly full of avocado and rice. That should keep her until 11:00 when, like clockwork, she'll wake up and demand to be taken to bed. Ever since she grew teeth, she's been sleeping in the spare bed with me.

On night two of teething, I'd about had enough of getting up every hour with her, so I put her in our spare bed and climbed on in. I created a cuddly little monster. Not sure how I'm going to fix that or even if I want to. Every night, I put Jean to bed, have dinner, tidy up after my day and climb into bed with Hunter. Once he gets to sleep, Jean's little baby sense tingles, and I start my nightly game of musical beds.

The crappy thing about that is that I really really love the mattress Hunter and I bought. That behemoth of a thing really is comfortable. As I lay in the spare bed, inevitably with Jean firmly grasping either a handful of hair or a handful of nose (mine), listening to my hubby snoring, I wish I could convince Hunter that Jean is old enough to sleep in the big bed with us. I'll keep trying as that'll be the best of both worlds until we're strong enough to "sleep train" her. We're no where near that yet. I'm sure she's old enough to sleep train. We just can't stand listening to her cry and don't really want to. Couple of marshmallows, we are.

So, what's new since we last talked...

New Years

This New Year's Eve, Hunter and I sat on the couch, stared at each other, and realized that we didn't have any friends to celebrate with. In thinking about it, we realized that we were probably enjoying each other's company a little too much and that maybe it was time to make some friends.

So, our resolution was an initiative we called, friend of the week. Every week, we were going to do something with a new friend. It was one of the best things did for ourselves. It's April and so far, I'm LOVING the people we've met. While I miss my old friends like crazy, my new ones are pretty cool.

We had to scale back friend of the week. Now it's more like friend of the month.

The Flying AvocadoLast week, Hunter finally took possession of his new plane. Hallelujah! My man has a plane again. Now all we need is a boat and we're set for fun in Kachemak Bay!

Hunter's new Cessna 182 is 1970's avocado green. Really, it looks like an appliance from my childhood. Ergo, we dubbed it the flying avocado. Our friend Brad says we should christen it by spreading a bit of guacamole on the prop. Not funny.

The House
A few weeks back, our landlords sent us a letter telling us to either buy the house we're living in or move out. We've been on the market for a house since we got here but can't find anything we like better than this house, so we're buying it.

We should have the sale completed in a couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to being able to paint the walls and renovate the bathrooms.

I discovered that babies like to swim. I've been taking Jean to the pool with me every chance I get. It's great fun. All she can do is kick her feet and splash around but she loves it. She even loves getting in the shower on the way to and from the pool.

The other day, I was at the pool changing her into her swimsuit when I noticed her bottom lip was quivering. I apologized aloud to her for letting her get cold when a woman came up behind me and asked me if she was my first. I said yes and she laughed. She said, "Your baby's not cold, she's excited. That's what babies do when they're really excited." I had no idea. It made me happy to do something for Jean that she loves.

Baby Group
Every Tuesday, Jean and I go to Baby Group at Birth 2 Three. I admit, I'm not terribly sure what Birth 2 Three does, but they do put on a great baby group. The group is full of amazing mothers and sweet little babies.

I admit, I look forward to that every week. Even if it's just to watch Jean try to interact with little Gordon. I think she has a crush on Gord. Every time he comes to baby group she tries her best to roll over to his side of the mat to play. She likes the other babies but I think she REALLY likes Gord. It's so cute to watch. I wonder if they'll be friends when they're older?

Well, at 9:20, it's time for Round 1 of musical beds.

Goodnight all.