Is there such thing as an Alaskatarian?

This year, my man took his annual moose hunt north to Circle, Alaska and the Yukon River. While I spent a glorious six weeks in British Columbia and Washington State visiting friends and family, Bill and his friend Tom loaded up the truck, trailered the boat and headed north.

They had an epic adventure but they did not bring home a moose. This is the first time in our history as a couple that my intrepid hunter returned with empty game bags. I was at a loss - what on earth are we to eat this year? Store bought meat? The salmon my husband insisted on smoking? Really, he smoked all of the salmon we caught this year. ALL OF IT.  Simply because he said he was good at smoking salmon.

Store bought meat in Homer really isn't a big deal, however anyone who's ever engaged in a conversation with my husband quickly finds out that beef steak and pork don't agree with him. Ribs and Big Macs agree with him but there's no way on earth we're subsisting on those.

I've been cooking organic chicken & turkey and a fair bit of halibut lately. I admit, I don't love fish. I'm getting good at hiding it in bold sauces, spicy curries, creamy enchiladas and stews.

Last week, while passing the meat aisle in Safeway, I felt nauseated at the thought of buying meat. Instead, I dialed my husband and asked him if it was okay if we spend a few months as vegetarians. Thankfully, he agreed.

Bill is a passionate hunter and to take hunting away from Bill would be like taking a limb away. I just can't do that. One night over one too many glasses of wine, we decided that we are only going to eat meat that was caught in the wild. Whether it was caught on a line or in cross-hairs; no matter. My inner monologue dubbed us Alaskatarians.

Last night was night one. I made a delicious ragout of organic corn, roasted red peppers, mushrooms and fresh sage. I served it with homemade cornbread and icy-cold Corona. It was quite delicious if I do say so myself. Certainly worth of the mmm-gasms of Food Network hosts.

After dinner, Bill announced that he and Milton were going rabbit hunting this weekend. And so, the adventure begins...

Here is my recipe for moose stew. We have one package of moose stew meat in the freezer and I'm coveting it for a special occasion.

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