Mailbox War

My mailbox sits on prime real estate overlooking the city of Homer and beautiful Kachemak Bay. It is witness to breathtaking sunsets that set smoking volcanoes against brilliant orange skies. My mailbox watches the airport; novice pilots practicing their touch and go's and veteran bush pilots executing delicate landings. Every day it's visited by moose, eagles, bunnies and photographers.

Photographers park their cars, trucks and RVs in the paved area by our mailbox, haul out their long lenses and shoot the vistas that surround our city. Tourists come up, park their RVs and lunch by our mailbox. Teenagers also come up the hill, park by our mailbox in their borrowed SUV's and do what teenagers parked at a lookout do.

My mailbox sees all kinds of action in a day. Probably more than I do.

The problem is: someone has it in for my mailbox. It lived untouched for years; until March, when someone took exception to its presence and beat it with a bat. My mailbox was one of about 20 or so mailboxes that were harmed in that first spate of mailbox violence. With the help of my friend, Brad, I replaced it with a shiny new black one and devised a few schemes to construct a bat-proof box.

My shiny new black mailbox lasted eight months until someone again took a bat to it. Bill beat it back into shape with a hammer but it was never the same. It didn't close properly and it wobbled on its stand. Last Saturday, it was done in for good. This time, I declared war.

After the first incident, I educated myself on the design and construction of bat-proof mailboxes. I now fashion myself bit of an expert. My husband on the other hand, felt otherwise and quietly set to work on a reinforced mailbox. We're up to three bags of concrete for his awesome new mailbox. It's reinforced with a wire cage and it opens and closes beautifully. I have no idea if this behemoth of a thing will hold on the mailbox stand but we'll see. One thing it will do is stand up to a baseball bat.

The Hunt is On
Moose hunting season is 10 months away and already my husband is launched into the throes of the pre-hunt. He chose his partner - an old friend from Atlanta, GA. Together, they settled on a "spot", booked a venue and set a date. They e-mail weekly about clothing, tents and gear and tell stories about hunts long ago. I'm excited for them, it sounds like they're going to have a great time together. Hopefully, this trip will score us a moose for next winter.

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