Hurry up, Spring

I was driving my new car the other day and for the first time in what felt like forever, felt the warmed by the sun through my windshield. That brief moment of warm led me to accept spring, no matter how cold it still is in Alaska.

I know spring doesn't officially start until the 20th and yes, it's -6C outside but I'm ready for it now. Somehow eschewing my parka in favor of fleece makes me feel better. Cold, but better. One goes through many stages in the evolution from Cheechako to Sourdough. I think tossing your parka at the first hint of spring must be one of them.

My gardener friends are all chomping at the bit to get out digging. Two friends report tossing coffee grounds and fireplace ash on their gardens to hasten snow melt. We're now seeing Facebook posts that rail against the heartless cruelty of seed companies who sent catalogues to Alaskans a couple of weeks ago.

The end of February and the beginning of March are (believe it or not) a fun time to be in Alaska. The end of February hails the start of Fur Rondey Festival (Fur Rondezvous) in Anchorage. This two-week long event celebrates Alaska's history of fur trading. The festival features: craft fairs, sled dog races, a fur bikini conest, hockey tournaments, seniors' speed dating, fur actions, snow sculpture competitions, art shows and so very much more. The iditarod starts off in early March. It's great fun to watch both the ceremonial start and the actual start up in Willow the following day.

March is also the time when the snow is at its best for outdoor sports. From sking to snow shoeing to snomachining, it's the perfect time of year.

While there is so much to be thankful for in March in Alaska, April and May are going to be so much nicer!

An Update on the Mailbox
It's been a month and I'm pleased to report that our concrete mailbox is still standing. Ha!

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