Putting my money where my Alaskatarian mouth is

I stopped by our concrete mailbox (still standing, Ha!) on my way home from story hour at the library today. In it was an envelope addressed to my husband from Alaska Fish & Game.

I know what's contained in that envelope. That envelope contains a bear hunting tag. That envelope is the official start of my Alaskatarian adventure.

Like the Iditarod, we had a ceremonial start to Alaskatarianism a couple months back when we began eating nothing but vegetables and critters we caught in Alaska. It's pretty easy subsisting on salmon, crab, scallops and a bit of moose. A bear changes the game. I have never eaten a bear. I have never wanted to eat a bear. I can't imagine eating a bear. I am going to have to eat a bear! A bear!

People eat bear all the time. It's what you do during bear season in Alaska. I am just going to have put on my big girl bib and belly up to the table.

While eating lunch, I scanned through my cookbooks to find bear recipes. I can find lots of recipes for bear roast and bear stew. Frankly, it's spring, and I don't feel like roast or stewed anything. So online I went and I ordered a book on sausage making (sausages on the barbecue sounds like a plan!) and a more in-depth tome on game cuisine. That particular Amazon order can't come soon enough.

This weekend, a new friend of ours plans to take my man out to find a bear.

Que le fun commence!

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