Chickens, Goats & Bears

Last month, my husband and his friend chartered a float plane and headed for Nuka Bay for a week of bear hunting. I'll be honest, after years of reciting a little bear hunting wish that he have a wonderful time and that his bullets fall short, I was ready for my man to bring one home.

I've been reading up on sausage making and felt pretty confident that I could create a tasty and safe batch of sausage. I had a line on organic pork fat and casings and a babysitter at the ready so I could get to work uninterrupted.

No dice. They came back empty game bagged.

So I'm back to being an Alaskatarian with no meat in my freezer. In a moment of self pity, I ordered myself a veggie burger cookbook. It actually turned out to be pretty good but a veggie burger is not exactly the juicy grilled sausage I had my taste buds set on. 

No worries. It's fishing season and time for us to catch salmon for this winter. We bought a boat a few weeks ago and we'll head across the bay to snag some salmon on the terminal run at China Poot Bay. There's a great clam tide this weekend and we'll take the boat out in search of a great clamming beach. We'll also try to catch a few halibut for the freezer and now that lingcod season has opened, take a shot at catching those, too. 

Things are looking up on the Alaskatarian front. 

A couple of weeks ago I bought a share in a goat. I only own part of a goat and it lives on a little farm up in Anchor Point. What's great about that is the fresh goat milk. This stuff is lovely. It's sweeter than cow milk and there's just something great about drinking milk hours after it came from the source. Yum. 

My goal this month is to make goat cheese. Last week, I ordered some cheese making ingredients online. One doesn't need a lot of expensive equipment to make cheese, just a few ingredients and some common kitchen gadgets. My brother is a big fan of feta. A very big fan of feta. So, in anticipation of his arrival in August, I shall get to work on making some fresh stuff with my Alaskan goat milk. I have never made cheese before so this should be an adventure.

My other big score is finding a local source for eggs. What a difference a fresh egg makes! They have beautiful dark yolks, tight whites and a taste like nothing you'll find in a super market. Heather from Anchor Point has a great flock of chickens and for $5 she'll give me 18 eggs; some green and some brown. I love them. 

As we turn the corner into summer, my man is starting to set his sights on his upcoming moose hunt. I have designs on this next moose and after quizzing him about butchering the other day, he asked me to draw him a diagram detailing how I'd like the next moose cut up. I'm actually going to do that. 

I never in a million years thought I'd become the wife who sends her man off hunting with a butchering diagram in his pocket.

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