Oh, Happy Day!

There's a moose in my freezer!! It's dead of course. Dead and packed in lovely white parcels of butcher paper.

This year, my man and his friend from Atlanta went moose hunting outside of Tok, Alaska. They took a float plane to a friend's "spot" (with permission, of course) and spend about 10 days out in the wild. They each brought home a moose and spent days butchering it and parceling the extra meat out to friends and the local seniors' center.

While they were hunting, I spent a few glorious weeks at home in Canada and with my in-laws in Florida. I had a great time seeing my family and friends and basking in the glorious Florida sunshine.

Between salmon, moose, scallops, halibut and the 50lbs of organic wheat berries I ordered for grinding into flour for bread, my freezer is gloriously full.

I'm kind of excited about the moose. It was hard to decide where to start with it. Do I grill moose steaks? Make a lovely pot roast with gravy? Smoke it? Grind it? Make sausage? Burgers? Tacos?  I settled on a slow cooked pot roast with root vegetables and paired with a celebratory Cabernet.  The next day, we used the left-over roast to make grilled cheese sandwiches with caramelized onions and dijon. Next, we'll dust off the Southern BBQ cookbook and go to work on moose brisket. Oh the possibilities are endless!

It's supposed to rain this weekend and to celebrate, I ordered some lovely grass-fed, antibiotic-free beef fat and some casings to make sausage with the industrial strength meat grinder of ours. Yes, I'm excited.

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