Cooking Wild for Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving tomorrow. After spending the past day and a half with a stomach flu, I have to quickly get over an aversion to food and summon forth a respectable dinner. I'm queasy at the though of it, but by tomorrow, I should be over it. Google said so.

So, here's the plan for Alaskatarian Thanksgiving:

Moose Wellington. I'm going to dive deep into my freezer and pull out the moose backstrap and get to work. I can't claim any points for originality on that one, The Wellington was on the cover of the latest edition of Cooking Wild Magazine, and I've been yearning for it ever since. Now, if I were a better Alaskatarian, I'd use Boletus mushrooms that I foraged myself but not so this year. We'll have to use plain old Safeway mushrooms. I'll add a class on mushrooming to my list of how to be a better Alaskan.

Mashed Alaska Potatoes. Wellington or not, it's just not right to have Thanksgiving without some form of gravy. So I'll create a robust pan sauce to go along with it all.

Something Green. In my family, the Thanksgiving green was always over-steamed brussel sprouts. Yuck. Cooked properly, they're not half bad. So, I'm going to run out and buy me a stalk of sprouts and roast them with balsamic vinegar. Believe you me, they won't be yellow when I'm done with them.

Bread. Of course homemade. I've already got that started. 

There you go. A turkey would be amazing but rules are rules and if my man hasn't gone out and personally done one in within the bounds of this great state, then we don't eat it.

Happy American Thanksgiving, everyone!