The Elusive Aurora

This April marks my fifth year in Alaska. It feels like this whole great adventure began weeks ago, not years ago.

My Alaska Bucket List is still insanely long. The more I do, the more I want to do and when I tick something off the list, I invariably add two or three items to the bottom. Such is life in the Last Frontier.

On the very top of my list is to see the Aurora. I know, I have lived here for FIVE years and I have yet to see the great northern lights. That's pathetic. 

I have an Aurora app on my iTouch. I am on the University of Alaska Geophysical Institute e-mail list. I have friends who promise promise promise they'll call me when they see the Aurora. Alaska Dispatch alerts me to Aurora activities on Facebook....I am up on the Aurora.

Sunday's giant solar flare is exciting news for aurora watchers. The resulting electromagnetic storm, destined to hit our planet today, means extreme auroral activity tonight. Extreme! I'm excited.

The only downer at this party is the weather forecast. Partly cloudy on the Kenai Peninsula tonight with scattered snow showers round Kachemak Bay. I'm going to take a glass half full approach to the forecast. Partly cloudy means that it's also partly not cloudy and partly not cloudy means I get to FINALLY see the aurora.

I'm going to run down to the local hardware store and see if they can dig out a deck chair from their summer stock. A few blankets, some hot chocolate and a new play list on my iPod and I'm set!!