Hunter and I have been planning a Mexican vacation for nearly a year. We are so excited to spend a week alone together soaking up sunshine and beach time.

Hunter has a couple of fishing charters booked, I signed up for cooking school. We rented a car, booked a charming little hotel with a pool, bought new snorkel gear and mapped-out the best snorkel beaches in the area. We made lists: restaurants to try, towns to visit, books to read and fish to catch.

We're really not that organized about our holidays. These lists were more about staving off cabin fever than planning the minute-to-minute details of our trip. A sunny holiday is a lovely thing to think about in a snowstorm.

Our bags are packed and waiting by the door. Which is ridiculous; we're not going yet. Oh, but I can hardly wait 'til the day I pick up my bag, toss it into my car and head to the airport. I get twinges of excitement each time I look at it.

We woke up yesterday morning to a harsh slap of reality. Cleveland!! Cleveland the volcano made itself a new lava dome. Now it's threatening to spew ash into the air, disrupting travel in Alaskan airspace. The Alaska volcano observatory has colour coded the volcano, orange, which essentially means the volcano is exhibiting a state of heightened unrest and could pitch its guts any time.

This morning's slap of reality was the closure of the Seward Highway because of an avalanche up near Cooper Landing.

If this gets any worse, I'm going to have to make a sacrifice to the God of Travel. A quick Google search revels that's Hermes. Seems Hermes appreciates, among other things, sacrifices of honey and cake - luckily,  I have those handy! Heck, I'll even bake Hermes a honey cake if it means going to Mexico.

How do you sacrifice a cake?