Watching snow melt...

I am bracing myself for this weekend.

To say that it has been glorious here in Homer for the past two weeks would be an understatement: Sunshine, clear blue skies, warm(ish) weather, lovely calm breezes and (joy of joys) the glacier covering my yard is retreating! 

I dug the barbecue out of its snow bank and we've been grilling like champs ever since. All winter long, I've been hoarding the tenderloins and backstraps from the last moose Hunter caught. Now that the grill's out, it's open season on barbecued moose. I swear the sunshine makes it taste better. For BBQ moose lovers, check out Steve Raichlen's Drunken Steak recipe, I've been marinating entire moose backstraps in it and grilling to a 135 degree medium rare. Delish!

I can't wait to find the smoker. That one, I'm afraid will be lost for another couple of weeks. Every morning, I scan the yard for a hint of its red lid popping out of the snow but so far, no dice.  My plan is to put some of the sausage we had made at McNeil Canyon Meats in to casings and smoke 'em before I pop 'em on the grill. I've been excited about that for ages. 

I'm scheming ways to get Milton to track it for me. I wonder if he would? It really might be worth a crash course in scent tracking. I'll call Homer Dog Trainers this afternoon.

Our toys are on the road to repair - parts for the plane are on their way, the gas tank for the small boat melted out of its glacial cage this week, parts for the big boat's trailer arrived in the mail last week and are ready to be popped on and the truck's tuned up and ready to roll... yahoo! Things are looking up for a spectacular weekend. Except the weather. NOAA's calling for rain. 

A rainy weekend is usually not such a big deal. I fear this one will be. 

See, last weekend, Hunter went off on a man-cation to see some friends in the midwest. It was gorgeous and sunny in the days leading up to his departure and it's been gorgeous and sunny since he returned and went back to work. Poor guy has been watching the sunny weather from his office windows. He's like a sick kid watching his friends play outside from his bedroom window, itching to get out to join them.

I need to dust off my marital disaster plan and prepare! I need to get me to a grocery store for Hunter's favourite ice cream, make sure manly movies are in the mailbox (still standing, HA!) for Saturday, invite friends over and make sure I have some beer. If I were in his shoes, I'd be pretty steamed at this meteorological injustice. Please let NOAA be wrong. Pretty please.

Something in the Water?
You know it's been a long dark winter by all the expecting couples running around town.

For the record, Hunter and I are among them. Our second Alaskan kid should arrive this fall. This time around is a bit more fun. We have a LOT of friends in the same boat. I don't know what we were all thinking... being pregnant in Alaska in the summer can be a bit of a downer. My waders don't fit anymore and no matter how much I Google, nobody makes maternity waders. 

Oh wait, I know what we were thinking. It was dark out, there was nothing on TV, it snowed every day for what felt like months...