Welcome, Little Hunter

Last week, we welcomed a new addition to our family. A baby boy born at Homer's South Peninsula Hospital. As far as good experiences go, that ranked pretty high on my list. Though things didn't completely go the way I had hoped, I was graced with two of the best nurses and one amazing physician.  The result was a perfect little boy who arrived safely into this world.

The first week home with little one has been rocky. Though Toddler was thrilled with the concept of a baby brother, the reality of a baby brother is something else entirely. She wasn't happy about her mom going away for a couple of days only to come back and upset her world. Try as we did this past week, there wasn't much we could do but hold her close, calmly endure her fury and try our best to hold on to a sense of normalcy.

Hunter Jr. is a great little baby so far. The only downside is that he's a narcoleptic feeder - a meal for him takes a couple of hours because every time he starts eating, he falls fast asleep only to wake up 15 minutes later demanding food. A trip to the local lactation consultant (an utterly amazing woman and incredible resource) reassured me that this was okay, there isn't anything more I can do to fix the problem, and that he'll grow out of it when he's a bit older. In the meantime, I'll walk around in a dense fog of tired.

After a week of being a regular garden-variety baby, little man will be thrust into Alaskan life as we take him out on his first fishing trip across the bay. Sporting his sister's hand-me-down Mustang he'll take his first crack at silver salmon in Sadie Cove.

Welcome to our world, little man.