OMG! What's THAT on your porch?

Ha. You thought this was a Milton post, didn't you? Fortunately for me, Milton has been stingy on the presents these days. I saw him prance by with a rabbit foot in his mouth about a week ago, but alas, it wasn't a present for me.

Come to think of it, I don't think that rabbit was a present for Milton, either. He didn't get banished to the garage for emitting green clouds of stink and Toddler didn't cry when he licked her in the face that night. Wait. That means he hid the foot. Great.

No, this post is about Facebook. I admit, I like Facebook for keeping in touch with my friends back home and for greasing the skids of new friendships here in Alaska. A few weeks ago, I posted a picture of Toddler holding her very first carved pumpkin. I was so stoked about Toddler's new-found ability to draw two eyes, a nose and a mouth in their correct positions. My friends, on the other hand, were pretty keyed-up about the snow on the back porch.

Milton, ready to sell his soul for guacamole on a nacho chip.
Yes, we have snow. My fancy shmancy ice tires are on my car, I've actually used my windshield scraper and all of our comfy winter clothes are in circulation.

Hunter's begun the long, sad process of putting away his summer toys. Happy for Toddler and I, that means our winter toys are out! I think she and I are the only two people in this house who think that's all kinds of wonderful.

While she was at preschool today, I found Milton's sled dog harness. (The best garage sale buy I've ever made.) I can't wait to tell her. I thought about picking her up early so we could hitch him up while it's still light outside.

Last year I learned that in exchange for a guacamole covered nacho chip, Milton will pull Toddler anywhere she wants to go. I'm thinking that now that she's three, I'm going to harness him to the crazy carpet instead of the bigger sled I used last year. With proper adult supervision and some padding for the kid, that should be a blast!

Note to self: I think it's time I bought Toddler a helmet. Mostly, to protect her from the things I get her into like ice skating, sledding, skiing, getting towed across the yard on a thin sheet of plastic by the dog.

So not to worry my dear Facebook friends. We might have snow but we're more than prepared to enjoy it.

I'm off to the store for some avocados.