The Wee Green Tree

Last week, Hunter Jr. and I skipped town for a bit of mommy (and baby) time. We had a great time visiting, relaxing, eating out, getting hair and nails done and (even better) getting our Christmas shopping finished and in the mail. It was a busy escape but a lovely one.

While we were gone, Hunter & Toddler enjoyed some quality daddy/daughter time. Even though Hunter described my time away as a period of "survival," I think they had a great time together. On the second day we were gone, Hunter and Toddler went up the road to Home Depot. They came back with a few random tools, a new sled and a green toddler-sized Christmas tree. Yup, it's green and it's wee.

As Hunter put it, they weren't leaving the store without the wee green tree so wee green tree it was. They brought it home, put it in the base and started decorating. I have to hand it to them, it's lovely.

Our house is all decked out for the holidays. Toddler took to Christmas lights like a fish to water and every window in the house is now rimmed by coloured lights. The minute the sun sets, Toddler asks us to plug in her lights. She then races around the house turning out all the lights so that she can enjoy the colours. I've been burning a lot of dinners since this all started. It's kinda hard to cook by Christmas light. So I'm now into salads - salads are easy to make in low light conditions.

I would be very happy about salads and the accompanying salad-induced weight loss but I happened to get my hands on some amazing chocolate while I was gone. Then, a parcel of chocolate covered pecans, almonds and cashews arrived and I can't keep my hands off them. I'd be lying if I said today's lunch wasn't chocolate covered pecans and a glass of water. Hopefully I don't have to bust out the stretchy pants this holiday season.

So here we are, all set for Christmas. I have nothing more to do but sit back and enjoy the holidays. This week is Toddler's Christmas 'concert'. I plan to be one of those teary moms with a video camera, clapping and cheering too loudly at her daughter's performance of Jingle Bells. I can hardly wait! I'm going to embarrass myself but I'm cool with that.

My awesome neighbour brought over a batch of hot buttered rum mix. I've got Magic Mike on reserve for this weekend and plan on having a couple of girlfriends over for a little pre-holiday cheer. Yahoo!!!

Shopping Local
This summer, I bought a headband and bag from Mamma D at the farmer's market. I get nothing but complements on her stuff. I came to find out she's got an Etsy store.

If you're looking for a last-minute gift for someone on your list, check out madebymammaD on Etsy, beautiful stuff!