What Seemed Like a Good Idea

Sometime in November, Hunter and I decided to take a January vacation to the east coast. A bit of time in the sun and some beach time for Toddler sounded like the best idea we had in ages. So, we checked our Alaska Airlines points, realized we had enough to fly us all to the sun and started planning.

Booking airline tickets seems to be my job in our marriage. I'm completely okay with that however after this latest trip, I think my vacation booking days are numbered.

I was so hot for the sun and so excited to hit the beach with Toddler that, at the time, I didn't care what it took to get there. A 2:30 a.m. departure from Anchorage?  No problem! We can sleep on the plane!  I was gunning for as many waking hours in the sunshine as humanly possible.

In reality that 2:30 departure was a nightmare. Toddler was so excited for the beach that, despite our best efforts, she just wasn't going to sleep. At all. She was up all day, stayed up for her 10:30 flight out of Homer and then stayed up until her flight left for Seattle. She was a wreck. So was Hunter who was on Toddler duty while I took on Little Hunter.

For his part, Little Hunter chose not to eat. By the time we hit Anchorage, I was uncomfortable. By the time we hit Seattle, I was in agony. Sadly, we had hours of travel time to go.

Mercifully, Toddler fell asleep on her way to Seattle. Once she got there, she was so tired, she sobbed her way to our Seattle gate and fell asleep on the floor of the departure lounge. Poor kid. Not so mercifully, Little Hunter decided to snack - I think that made things worse for yours truly.

Six very long hours later, we arrived in Orlando. We went through every toy and book in the backpack I packed for Toddler. We made clay animals, painted by numbers and painted with water. We read about Stephanie's Ponytail (very awesome book for little girls) and Midnight Turkeys. We had snacks and learned a life-long lesson about kicking seat backs.

Despite all that, the sun's lovely. Little Hunter decided to eat again and Toddler slept like the dead on her first night. Both of them both woke up the next morning ready to go.

Hunter and I woke up debating staying in Florida so that we never have to fly that long with babies ever ever again.