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I'm not updating this blog as much as I should. Truth be told, I have an 18 month-old and 18 month-olds are rough going. I remember when Pea was this age. Hunter and I called it the "drunken monkey" phase of toddlerhood - when there was absolutely no reasoning with her while she ran wildly about exploring her world with wild abandon. I didn't mind drunken monkey when there was one kid. Now there's two.

My days are spent keeping my children alive and somewhat enriched while trying to keep the house from falling to shambles. This evening, Little Hunter was trying to throw a ball into a pot of boiling pasta water. No amount of distraction was keeping him from this game. He didn't have the arm strength to succeed in his little goal but you can't trust a toddler. The second you get complacent, they score. Happily Hunter came home and redirected him to carrying firewood.

Ah firewood. Hunter and I ordered a couple of cords of firewood back when it was nice and warm. It's a great pile of wood but every third log needs to be split. So Pea and I have been sorting, stacking and splitting logs together when Little Hunter naps.

I call it the log pile of patience. I taught Pea how to place a log to be split and how to stack it in the wood shed. She and I have been having a nice time out there splitting logs. I should get a splitter and a sitter and just get the job done but cutting wood with Pea is some nice time together, even if it's taking me weeks longer than it should to tackle the pile.

These are my days, managing the children, holding the house together, patiently splitting wood and trying to exercise now and again. I wouldn't trade them for anything.

Alaska on the Go
Friends with kids in Alaska: Erin Kirkland, one Alaska's coolest travel writers, just wrote a guide to traveling Alaska with Kids. Erin's a kindred Alaska mom. Her book has been well-researched over the past few years and contains a trove of great information and advice for Alaskan and non-Alaskan families exploring this great State.

You can pre-order her book or wait a couple of weeks for it to be out on book store shelves. I recommend picking it up.

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