Milton's Home

Hunters first order of business (after checking his plane) was go to fetch Milton from the amazing people who had been watching him all year. He was pretty excited to see his furry friend and I think his furry friend was just as excited to see him.

I've been entertained by the changes to Milton and the changes to Hunter since Milton's return. For starters, the two have become even more inseparable. Milton now occupies a permanent space in the truck's passenger seat. Where once Milton was relegated to sleeping in the garage, he now sleeps happily on his dog bed beside the heater in the living room. He's even been allowed to climb into bed with Hunter - something that's never been allowed.

In our defense, Milton used to be a pacer. He would wander the house at night, patrolling the halls, and very regularly checking to make sure we were still alive. He would do that by landing his front paws on our bed and blowing in our faces as best as a dog with thin lips could blow. It was annoying and he refused to stop. So he slept in the garage.

Hunter's been working in Kenai a few days a week while he works to get his practice up and running. He loves it but I think he misses the dog more than anything. I joked about getting Milton a therapy dog certification so he could come along. I was half-kidding and I figured Hunter would tell me all about how that would be a bad idea. I braced for a lecture of sterility and liability. I didn't come. I could tell by the look of Hunter that he was wondering how he could make that work.

Milton the therapy dog. He might have himself a new job. Stranger things have happened.