Selling Homer & the Japanese Soaking Tub

I showed a house the other day that had a Japanese Soaking Tub in its master bathroom. I have to admit, I looked at that thing with a bit of longing. It's been 20 some years since my last soak in an Ofuro and it got me wondering why they're not popular in Alaska.

One thing that I love about Hunter is that if I really want something - he'll find a way for me to get it. He's sweet like that. Told him I wanted a Japanese bathtub so now the search is on. Of course with a new tub comes a whole new bathroom. (I'm pretty sure Hunter's rethinking the whole Japanese bathtub idea, but wait until he tries one!).

Really though, what's not to love about a Japanese tub? Especially if you're 5'10". Sitting in a standard North American bathtub is kind of unpleasant, really. The bottom half of you is submerged while the top half of you gets cold. Never mind being folded in there on account of your height.

Ofuro's are much deeper than our bathtubs and about half as long. Instead of lying in the tub, you sit up in neck-deep hot water. Neck deep! Some of them come with lovey head rests so you can sit back and relax all warm and cozy. Imagine that at the end of a winter's day.

There are all sorts of places to acquire an Ofuro. There's even a maker of Japanese bathtubs in Haines, Alaska. I'm going to have to call them and see about getting one. However, based on their Web site, I'm pretty sure Hunter won't go for one as expensive. Good news is that with a bit of sleuthing and a Washington State shipping address, I can soon be blissfully soaking in hot water up to my neck!

Poor Hunter. I bet he's wondering how much my new Real Estate career is going to end up costing us in home renovations.

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